Luxurious curly ponytail extensions | Ash Balayage (20 inches) - Luxy® Hair (2023)

Curly ponytail extensions

Luxy Hair extensions are made of 100% ofHuman Remy Hairand are characterized by a combination of different hair lengths to best imitate natural hair (also known as straight hair). We color our extensions using the Adapt multi-tone color system, which means there are subtle highlights and darkenings (lighter and darker bands) in each set. This gives it movement, dimension and depth. It also ensures that the extensions blend into your natural hair, even if your hair color is slightly different.

Our collection of curly ponytail extensions

Luxy Hair Ponytail Extensions are easy to apply in one piece and are guaranteed to have a beautiful curly ponytail in minutes! Perfect for days when you don't feel like breaking your hair or working with multiple braids. A curly ponytail allows you to capture natural texture or change your look. Are you just starting your adventure with ponytail extensions? ClickHerefor all our FAQs andHereto see them in action and get help choosing colors.

Take into account that:We do not recommend washing, dyeing or using hair styling products (especially water-based) to extend curly ponytails as this will loosen the curl pattern. In addition, depending on the set, there may be differences in the way the hairstyle is laid, and the pattern may loosen over time.



Total number of pieces

16 cali*100 grams1 ponytail + 2 bobby pins (pre-matched to your color)

20 cali*

120 grams

1 ponytail + 2 bobby pins (pre-matched to your color)

*While the length of virgin hair is 16 inches and 20 inches, the length of the curly ponytail is 14 inches and 18 inches due to shrinkage caused by the curl pattern.

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    Luxurious curly ponytail extensions | Ash Balayage (20 inches) - Luxy® Hair (1)

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    Luxurious curly ponytail extensions | Ash Balayage (20 inches) - Luxy® Hair (2)

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