Evolution of costs for DVSA services from 2021 to 2022 (2023)

Evolution of costs for DVSA services from 2021 to 2022 (1)

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This consultation proposes charging road test, vehicle test and other fees from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). These include:

  • Theoretical and practical driving tests for novice drivers and licensed driving instructors.
  • Vehicle testing for inspection and certification (some of which also fund our compliance work)
  • ITV Services

DVSAprovides or administers these tests.

The revenue we receive from fees covers the services we provide. Taxpayers generally do not fund our services. We set our fees at a level to break even.

Before we change our tariffs, we need public consultation and Parliament's approval.

The new tariffs help us to recover the costs of previous investments to improve our services. We're proposing to increase our legal fees by about 1.5%.

modernize services

In recent years we have improved and modernized the driving test. We want to constantly improve the service and make it more flexible for users. In this section you will find examples of how we continuously improve our services.

driving test services

We now use tablets to collect driving test results. Equipping our team with modern tools such as tablets helps us to:

  • improve customer service by enabling us to send test results electronically to the DVLA immediately; This will get you a full driver’s license faster
  • Make our records more accurate than the previous pen and paper version
  • Electronically share information about candidates' tests with them
  • reduce the potential for fraud

We are also working on developing a new theory test service. Since we introduced theory tests in 1996, a third party has managed and administered the theory tests for us.

We're changing this so that we can develop future tests ourselves. This includes:

  • reservation system
  • Testsoftware
  • Customer Center

This makes the service for customers better and more flexible.

vehicle testing and inspection services

The Ministry of Transport (DfT) recently completed a review of heavy vehicle testing with input from across the industry. A clear message was that flexible and convenient services are the most important to ensure the industry's performance. We will continue to work with the industry to improve these services, which may incur additional costs.

We continue to invest in our vehicle testing services to ensure they meet the needs of our customers.

When testing heavy vehicles, we are also increasingly using modern technology to improve the way we carry out our services. As with the test drive, we began digitally recording vehicle defects during the test.

We made test result data digitally accessible and implemented new digital services, including one to provide customers with information about available test locations at authorized testing facilities.

As more test information is recorded electronically, it becomes easier for the public to access this information, which contains more detailed information about test failures.

We continue to invest in improving the effectiveness of our oversight. This means we can better focus our efforts on identifying and taking action against those who break the law.

For the ITV of cars, motorcycles and vans, we continue to rely on the digital ITV testing service. This includes:

  • Increasing the information available to MOT centers to help them manage quality
  • Allow some types of devices to connect directly to using the service to record MOT test results, meaning test results can be automatically transmitted to the service without the need for manual data entry

In all of these services, we ensure that we are prepared for the challenges posed by technological developments that will impact drivers and vehicles in the years to come.

Interest rates have not kept pace with inflation

Our service fees have remained essentially the same for over 10 years. For example, the fee for the driving test was last changed in 2009 when it was increased to £62.

We lowered the cost of theory exams in 2014 and 2015.

Interest rates have not kept pace with inflation. If so, would they now cost:

  • £75 for a test car (currently £62)
  • £38 for a car or motorcycle theory test (if the theory test fee has not been reduced) (currently £23)
  • £146 for a 3 axle vehicle test in oneDVSAWebsite (currently £113)

achieve efficiency savings

In order to counteract the cost pressure, we have achieved significant savings in the past financial years through efficiency measures. The savings exceeded our business plan targets.

We are committed to further efficiency measures to limit price increases.

Avoid a deficit in our income

Continuing to invest in our services and maintaining rates for such a long time means that if we do nothing, we face a loss of revenue. This is because our fees will no longer cover our costs.

We want to prevent that now. This ensures that we meet our commitments to cover our services at the rates we receive.

If we don't raise our prices

If our tariffs remain at the current level, we will not be able to continue to offer our services at the current standards. For example, waiting times for driving tests may increase.

We may also not be able to continue compliance activities at current levels. This would reduce the likelihood of detecting dangerous operators and increase the likelihood of serious accidents.

How will we use the additional revenue?

We plan to use the additional revenue from the proposed new charges to ensure we have sufficient revenue to cover the cost of providing essential services to keep the public safe on Britain's roads.

We will confirm the date when the tariffs will be changed in a timely manner if ministers agree following this consultation.

The effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Since March 2020, our activities have been significantly affected by the corona pandemic. Many of our frontline services have been suspended during the closures. We continue to manage the suspension, restart and restoration of services due to various restrictions across the UK.

During this period, the agency's maintenance costs were financed from state reserves and emergency funds. Tariff increases should not cover these costs.

2.Why do we have to do this?

We must avoid a future funding gap and fund future work.

The fees paid by customers are set by law and can only be changed by amending this law.

In order to introduce the rates proposed in this document, Parliament must approve changes to the relevant regulations.

We are conducting this consultation to understand what businesses and the public think about the new tariffs we are proposing.

We will inform the ministers about the opinions of the respondents. You will take these opinions into account when deciding whether to implement the new fees.

3.what do we suggest

We are proposing to increase the rates for our regulatory services by around 1.5%.

These are at a level that will counteract the cost pressure.

you can see that...full list of proposed DVSA service fees for 2021-2022. Some of the most important fees are summarized here.

driving tests

Kind of exam daily rate Proposed rate for 2021 to 2022
Theoretical exam (car and motorcycle) £ 23 £ 23,40
Driving test (regular office hours) £ 62 62,90 €
Car test drive (after hours) £ 75 £ 76,10
Truck test drive £ 115 £ 116,70

ITV tariffs for ITV centers

Description daily rate Proposed rate for 2021 to 2022
ITV slot fee paid by ITV centers for each test they run £ 2,05 £2,08

ITV of heavy vehicles, buses and trailers

Kind of exam daily rate Proposed rate for 2021 to 2022
VHG - 2 ejes £ 91 £ 92,40
VHG - 3 ejes £ 113 £ 114,70
VHG - 4 ejes £ 137 139,10 €
Truck trailer - 3+ axles £ 64 £ 65
Bus or Coach - 23+ passengers £ 128 129,90 €

4.consulting questions

The online questionnaire contains the following specific questions related to the proposed 1.5% increase:

  1. Support the development ofDVSAs for a better customer experience?
  2. Prices haven't increased in over a decade. Do you think these modest rate increases are a fair way to ensure current levels of service are maintained?
  3. Do you want to see a continuous provision of driving and vehicle services with at least the current standard of service?
  4. Do you agree to the continuous modernization of our services to take into account the new technologies available?

5.how to answer

The consultation runs from August 5 to September 2, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Fill out the online questionnaire to give your opinion.

start now

If you respond, please let us know if you are responding for yourself or for an organization.

If you are responding for a larger organization, please let us know:

  • Who does the organization represent?
  • how you collected member feedback (if you can)

ContactDVSAif you have any questions about this query.

DVSA Policy Team

6.what happens next

We will use the responses from the consultation to inform ministers of your views.

We will publish the result on the GOV.UK website.

If ministers agree to the changes, we will confirm the date of the fee change closer to its effective date.

7.Privacy and Freedom of Information

We collect, use and store your personal data in order to record and evaluate your response to the request. We may share your personal information where we have a legal reason, such as as part of a criminal investigation or to prevent fraud.

read thisData protection declaration for DVSA inquiriesto learn how we collect, use and store your information.

DVSAis an executive agency ofDfT. The person responsible for the treatmentDVSAEsDfT- a data controller determines why and how personal data is processed.

For more information, contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).Public Data Protection Register.DfTThe registration number is Z7122992.

Freedom of Information Requests

You may be required to process some or all of your responses to this request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

UnderFOIA, there is a legal code of conduct that we must adhere to. It describes how we handle confidential information.

Please let us know if you believe the information you have provided to us is confidential. When we receive a request to see all or part of your response, we will review what you have shared with us before deciding whether to disclose it. We cannot promise to keep any information you provide us confidential.

Some IT systems generate an automatic confidentiality notice. We don't always recognize them.

8.Consulting principles

This query follows thePrinciples of Government Advice. These principles give us clear guidelines for conducting investigations.

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